14 October 2017

If you enjoy at least one of the following, you owe it to yourself to check this out!

1. Dark stories, about life, fantasy, female deities and those seeking... well revenge

2. MegaTestTallicWyldeHead (yes that's a word now, ok!)

3. at the very least, the legendary 80's!

The cool cover is kinda like a mix of a Gotham and Sin City, city scope, ...but not. The red neon lit band name, with its very distinct font is a dead give away for what your ears will soon encounter, whether you know the band or not. Cleverly placed mysteries like title tracks and themes are all over the cover, but you gotta look closely ;) That's so cool, intricate details rock!


The first song, has a short intro, narrated with such a great South African accent (it's just so rad, man)... which introduces you to the journey you are about to embark on, together with such damn epic music, straight from a movie/game score: “...Welcome to the Black Wolf City


And then that second song kicks in... well motherfuckers, get ready to turn up that volume and get your air guitar on! I'm talking jumping on tables, hanging from lamps, swinging whatever you can find around and banging your head at a ridiculous pace! Do make sure to wear your battle jacket before you press play, you'll regret not doing so afterwards ...and if you don’t own one yet, you would want one after this encounter! PS no antiperspirant will manage to keep you dry.

At low to medium volume, this album is quite enjoyable too, it's perfect for those get-togethers, kuiers and braais! Just be warned though, that there will be that someone eventually turning up the volume, to show off their air-guit-skills... and that's when the party kicks off! You'll also have an absolute blast doing chores whilst this is on! It's guaranteed to entertain your most hated ones... and when that rake, spade, broom or mop is in hand, you're gona air-guit and sing and go crazy... a spotless pad and great garden, the result!

Getting your sexy on with this, will have you in stitches... it will start with a very dodgy striptease by either or both (or more) and somewhere along the line, one of you will have to become a naked human guitar, when those solo's kick in! Any journey by car will be fun, whether your hitting the long open road, sitting in deadlocked traffic, but especially on route to a gig or party (picture Wayne's World vibes)!

So what does the list above have to do with all this endless fun? Well the band get a lot of their inspiration from some mysterious unpublished, dark graphic novel. It makes sense when reading up on the band, but you simply just need to listen to it. Contradictory to all the fun, the theme you get from the album is that of love, pain, loss, victims, bravery and a dark journey of revenge. Picture the numerous life journeys from the likes of The Crow, Gotham and Sin City, mix that up with hard reality, more power struggles, darkness, deity's and ultimately... our own demons... you have now entered Black Wolf City.

This is fucking PowerThrashMetalRock, I mean MegaTestTallicWyldeHead! It's like a time capsule from the 80's, when Thrash ruled, but from another dimension. It somehow found its way to 2017 in a city called Pretoria. Picture a smoke filled arena in a dark stench filled city, the time (or dimension) capsule, barely visible, opening with a blinding light. You get a glimpse of guitars, then silhouette figures walking out... as the smoke dissipates slightly, there they are, battle jackets, skinny leathers, chains, flags, the works... and your like “what the?” …OOOOH YEAAAHHH that’s Deadline \m/ As much as this band entertains you on stage, and oooh yeah, they put on quite the energized epic show, is exactly what the album does and more, because you get to listen to it anyfuckingwhere!

The superb production on this, their debut album, captures the pure thrash paced beats, copious riffs and unforgettable solo's, together with a vocal range of near insanity, to perfection. From the start to the climaxing end, of a very dark, yet enjoyable journey. Creating so much soul gripping passion and extreme fun! It's a high you crave, a time-laps for the “oldies” and a start to something beautiful for the younglings.


A must have album for young to old and everyone in between. Be it a simple rocker, a most brutal metalhead, a wedding DJ, the pop girl next door and that kid in the room, practising that first cord and melody over and over... It's an easy listening, fun, entertaining, gripping, dare I say... ultimate party album \m/

By Heidi de Villiers


Deadline - Black Wolf City (Debut)

Released: 14 October 2017

Written by: Deadline

Artwork: Donovan Sloan Art

Recorded at: Gloryvale Studios

Produced by: Burning Tone Studios

By Heidi de Villiers

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