24 MAY 2016

On 30 April, Aandklas in Stellenbosch Cape Town, hosted the 4th of the Battle heats.


The bands involved in the clash were:



Junkyard Lipstick

Subject To Slaughter

Thread of Omen


Fuera, took the last Cape Town heat, but sadly disbanded shortly afterward, Subject to Slaughter went on taking their coveted spot.


This is what the melodic djentcore band had to say:


What is your take on the show you were specifically apart of?

It was a really great show. more poeple attended than we thought would, and thats is great knowing the metal community is growing strong in South Africa.


Besides yourselves, who were you rooting for, to go through in your heat?

Besides us we thought it would be really awesome if Beeldenstorm could go through. One of the most fun bands to watch live in CPT. Plus everyone in our band is Afrikaans so why not want your home language represent in JHB


Were you guys nervous before your set and why/why not?

Some of us were nervous because its the one chance we have to show what we are made of to be able to go through to the next round. and also not knowing what to expect from the other contenders.


How do feel your set in particular went down.

Some of us feel it was the best set we have ever played. Even our parents came and supported us. wich is a big deal because most of our parents don't even know whats going on when we start to play!!!


What was your first thought, when you were informed that your band will replace Fuero, who had to pull out, in the finals?

It was one of those moments where something amazing happens and you just dont know how to deal with it yet. so we just started giggling like little girls.


How do you guys feel about going through to the finals?

We knew going into the battle that if we don't win its not the end of the world. we did our best and thats what counts. We have an EP launch coming up on the 18th of june so that was to be our next goal. But now that we are going to the finals. Its an amazing opportunity to go and showcase what we are made of and hopefully we can represent SA in Germany


Of all the finalist, who are your favourites to win?

To be honest we dont have a favourite to win. No band sounds like the other so its hard to be able to have a favourite since its all so diverse and diversity is key.


If you guys should go on and win the battle, what would that mean for you?

Any metalheads dream is to be able to perform at wacken open air. If not you are not a metalhead. so if we were to win... I would personally start crying and then call everyone I know to give them the great news. but more importantly its that we can go show the world what South Africa has to offer


Which of the following do you prefer?

Wein oder Bier?

Well I like wine. but most of us would choose beer.


Kartoffeln, Wurst oder Eisbein?

Sausage obviously... grilled


See you all at the Wacken Metal Battle South Africa, 28 May at Rumours

by Heidi de Villiers

By Heidi de Villiers

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