24 MAY 2016

On 6 May, Sundowners in Alberton JHB, hosted the 6th of the Battle heats.


The bands involved in the clash were:

Mad God

Bombs And Issues




Nerve Zero


Riddlebreak, took the 2nd Gauteng heat.


This is what the alternative proggressive metal band had to say:


What is your take on the show you were specifically apart of?

We honestly thought the show we played was going to be tough because there was such a good line up to compete against! Many of our friends play in these bands as well. The turn out for the event was also really good, so many people came to support and, they supported all the bands on the night, which is always a great thing to see. Without support, bands can't go very far so we thank everyone that supported us on the night. You guys and gals rock!


Besides yourselves, who were you rooting for, to go through in your heat?

A tough question but as a band we did have our eyes on DEADLINE (these guys are real champs and are damn good at what they do), Bombs and Issues (incredibly talented fellows and excellent songwriters/performers) and our friends in Nerve Zero (quite a new band but there's a lot of potential).


Were you guys nervous before your set and why/why not?

I believe all of us were nervous! Usually we don't get nervous before a show, but of course this wasn't a usual show. I guess the main reason was that there were other excellent bands playing on the night. It can be a daunting task competing against other well-known bands that have a lot of experience behind them.


How do feel your set in particular went down.

Overall, we had a very energetic show. We focus on bringing as much energy to the stage as possible (even if we hurt ourselves in the process!). We definitely accomplished that on the night. Other than that, we had a good set list of songs, only 4 tracks but they showcased different aspects of our music. From high energy to groovy to headbanging tunes, our music isn't always the same/similar from song to song so we chose tracks that were different from each other but also complementary.


What was your first thought, when they announced your band as the winners going through to the finals?

(Julian) Personally, I didn't quite believe it. How it was announced (they mentioned two bands they had to choose from) made it sound like there would be a tie. But then realised that it was only us. I believe I shouted a hearty "Fuck yeah!" As did many of our friends and other members! It still took me some time to process. There were many hugs and cheers among our friends and members and many of other band members congratulated us. The only downside was that there wasn't any Jager to drink to celebrate! (The bar was all out by that time.)


How do you guys feel about going through to the finals?

We feel very thrilled and excited! However, there is some fear, the other finalists are no pushovers. The lineup on the night is going to be insane! Such epic bands, we wish all of them could go through.


Of all the finalist, who are your favourites to win?

For some us, Octainium and Killatoria are favourites. Of course, some of our members would say RIddlebreak! But if we could have it our way, we'd send every finalist to Wacken and give them a big South African Metal special.


If you guys should go on and win the battle, what would that mean for you?

It would be exciting and maybe a bit scary at the same time. It would be any metal bands' dream to play at 'The Holy Land' especially if it's to represent your own country. As a band that has never toured overseas, it would be a new experience. As Riddlebreak, it is a dream of ours to go to Europe and tour/live there for a while (but of course we would always be a South African band at heart).


Which of the following do you prefer?

Wein oder Bier?

Bier ist das beste!


Kartoffeln, Wurst oder Eisbein?

Wir lieben Wurst und Kartoffeln


See you all at the Wacken Metal Battle South Africa, 28 May at Rumours

by Heidi de Villiers

By Heidi de Villiers

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