24 MAY 2016

On 7 May, Wolmer Bush Lounge in Akasia PTA, hosted the last of the Battle heats.

The bands involved in the clash were:
BloodBeast Band
My Columbine
Spectral Realm
Envious Despair

Killatoria, took the 3rd and last Gauteng heat.

This is what the thrash death metal band had to say:


What is your take on the show you were specifically apart of?

It was an awesome experience to see the bands you've always played with, jam on a different level. Everyone definitely destroyed!


Besides yourselves, who were you rooting for, to go through in your heat?

My Columbine!


Were you guys nervous before your set and why/why not?

We were crazy nervous! But the moment our feet hit the stage, all our nervousness turned into adrenaline, and we were unbelievable ready to rip up the show.


How do feel your set in particular went down.

It was definitely our best set of the year! We have gradually gotten used to all the new member changes in the band and become really good friends in the process! We feel we were all synced in with the performance, physically and emotionally. The main thing is we had fun! I don't think we'd be where we are today as a band if we weren't having a good time.


What was your first thought, when they announced your band as the winners going through to the finals?

We were like "No ways!". Just to have the opportunity to compete and jam with all the South African Metal heavyweights is too exciting for us!


How do you guys feel about going through to the finals?

Overwhelming joy and stress! Its time to represent not only ourselves, but our country. We think every band definitely feels the pressure. Its a feeling only the people that are apart of the shows, be it a supporter, judge or band member, can describe.


Of all the finalist, who are your favourites to win?

All the bands to be honest! There are too many good bands we love. We can't pick one!


If you guys should go on and win the battle, what would that mean for you?

A new beginning. Just to experience the full journey of playing a show at Wacken, would change our lives forever. To raise the South African flag in Germany means a triumph for everyone. We all want to represent the amazing bands and people in our great nation. From the cool bands, to the insane events, it all brings us together. We have come a long 5 years from a young age to grow as a band. And to achieve something like this is almost indescribable.


Which of the following do you prefer?

Wein oder Bier?



Kartoffeln, Wurst oder Eisbein?



See you all at the Wacken Metal Battle South Africa, 28 May at Rumours

by Heidi de Villiers

By Heidi de Villiers

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