8 July 2016

D-day had finally arrived... we have been waiting, well 2 fucking years for this, since the last battle was held in 2014.


The event started early, with some lekker lunch and then a workshop by Patrick Davidson from Metal4Africa. It was valuable to many, including Patrick, whom all learned a lot from the knowledge shared. Kontrast even got a little mention, thanks Patrick \m/ I arrived in time for the press briefing, by Louis and Sash. There was lots of talking and nodding, more talking and more nodding. The floor was eventually opened for questions and a few were thrown at them... but when challenged, to ask questions, especially in light with regards to other “battles”, no one seemed interested to challenge these two. The reason, I guess, is when it comes to battles, these guys really organised the most fair and just battle. There were various rotating judges from within the music scene, including fan voted judges and a judge from Denmark for the final too. Who the fuck can argue with that? The press briefing ended with the time slot draw of the bands, drawn from Louis's hoody pocket.


After all the brain farts and necessary proceedings, metalheads grew very anxious for some action. Guest band Posthumous opened the stage, with an intense instrumental set. Guest guitarist Martin, from Agro, blew us away with his genius talent. Posthumous did a great job of loosening our neck muscles, warming up our vocal cords and getting us totally amped for the battle to start.


I experienced the first band up, at Witcfhfest for the first time. They made an impression then and hit the bullseye again now. As a Joburger, it is always refreshing to see bands live from other parts of our beautiful country, as we only get to experience them once in a while, making the reunion that much more exciting. Bulletscript have such a unique and aggressive metal rock sound. A classic and progressive mutilation, oozing passion, which left us all salivating for more.


Desolation... mother fuck! There’s nothing like experiencing a band live for the first time and Desolation blew my mind! Rumours was anything but desolate when the Durbanites destroyed the stage, with their extreme grinding sound. They gripped us all and I cant wait to experience their music live again \m/


Octainium gave an energetic performance, boosting us from the core, especially when that base drops. These chaps always make for a very entertaining, hard hitting, fun set. Frontman Maritz, made stage diving and crowed surfing, look like his daily routine! Fuck yes!


A fond memory of Krank'd Up in 2014, was a guy walking around, whom looked like a very lost Jesus, dressed all in white. Little did we know that he would jam along a military possibly nazi dude, a shirtless, ruthless executioner, a priest with a certain calm demeanour and your forgotten basement tenant... Zombies ate my girlfriend was the talk of the local acts on the day... and every Gauteng gig attended thereafter. They are impressive, kick ass and tight as fuck, for a bunch of misfits.

Our necks and bodies were overheating and pained, but that did not stop us, as we were hungry for more! Vulvodynia are brutal mother fuckers, slamming us with every note, riff, beat, growl and death stare! “Yeah, bring it on, we're not pussies” was the overall crowed vibe! And they fucking did!

The air was filled with intensity and crazed metalheads, perfect conditions for the next band! Killatoria had a scull crushing set, literally... my scull was almost obliterated as it impacted on another whilst headbanging... I had grown a semi horn above my left eye and sported it for the rest of the night... and a week after that still. It was fucking worth it! This band fucking kills!

From scull crushing to goosebumps and tears. Riddlebreak ...transported us, broke our necks, backs and yes, our hearts... it was brutally beautiful, memorable and intense on so many levels. The passion these guys played with, was out of this world. They dedicated their set, in loving memory to Kesayne, the sister of guitarist Gareth, who had tragically passed. RIP Kesayne. The encore that followed was absolutely profound.

It wasn’t over yet as the last band of the battle, finished off the massacre. From crazy riffs to synchronised headbanging on stage! Subject to Slaughter butchered the last living remains from the crowed. It was glorious!

2014 Battle winners, Red Helen closed the stage with a motherly warmth, nursing the battle wounds and sending their uhmm kids off into the dark unknown world, with a pat on the back. All this whilst the judges had the great task at hand of making their decision, whilst the bands and fans were nervous wrecks in anticipation.

Congratulations to Zombies ate my girlfriend, our 2016 Wacken Metal Battle SA Winners \m/

We know you crazy misfits will do South Africa proud, at the WOA Metal Battle!

For a front row rail spot, to all things Wacken, make sure you check out Kontrast, as we too, will be in Germany attending the legendary Wacken Open Air \m/


\m/ PROST \m/


by Heidi de Villiers

By Heidi de Villiers

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