24 MAY 2016

On 23 April, The Winston Pub in Durban, hosted the first of the Battle heats.


The bands involved in the clash were:

Minority For The Masses

The Fateful Dawn




Both Desolation and Volvudynia took the first heat in a tie.


This is what death metal band Desolation had to say:


What is your take on the show you were specifically apart of?

We enjoyed the fact that the bands all had diverse styles. The atmosphere was relaxed and we all had a jol.


Besides yourselves, who were you rooting for, to go through in your heat?

We had not thought about it like that but we are happy that Vulvodynia went through as well. They had a great show.


Were you guys nervous before your set and why/why not?

Not anymore or less than any other show. We were 100% prepared and treated it like a regular show.


How do feel your set in particular went down.

It didn’t go down.... it went up...all the way to 11!


What was your first thought, when they announced your band as the winners going through to the finals?



How do you guys feel about going through to the finals?

All round we are amped for the show. Definitely looking forward to see the other bands. No matter the outcome.


We can not wait to unleash Gareth GLORIOUS mane!


Of all the finalist, who are your favourites to win?

Desolation of course. But as far as who deserves to go through, we will have to see on the night of the finals.


If you guys should go on and win the battle, what would that mean for you?

It would be the highlight of our musical careers and...party


Which of the following do you prefer?

Wein oder Bier?



Kartoffeln, Wurst oder Eisbein?

Eisbein. oink...oink


See you all at the Wacken Metal Battle South Africa, 28 May at Rumours

by Heidi de Villiers

By Heidi de Villiers

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