24 December 2015

2015 is on its way out and with that, we couldn’t have asked for a better way to see this EPIC year off, than with one final International Act, brought to us by the legendary Witchdoctor Productions, all the way from Washington DC.


...but first, Facing the Gallows got the party started with a massive bang. Man these guys pack some serious punch. Their colourful, powerful and energetic sound, got the fans totally amped up. So much so, that if you didn’t know any better, you would’ve thought they were the headlining act, of the night. Now that’s the way to start a year end gig \m/ This band just keeps growing with leaps and bounds. Their music excites you from the core. They definitely brought their darker side with, for this gig, I don’t think I have seen them get this heavy and tight before! Their new songs kicked total ass! These dudes showed some serious fucking passion on stage, having shit loads of fun up there and the fans revelled in it!


Kontrasting, to the darkness Facing the Gallows brought, The Drift brought some light into what is usually a very heavy and extreme melodic set. Some lekker new songs were jammed, together with their new bassist Chris, who was quite an entertaining dude on stage... kinda like a kid who could finally show off his moves, for the first time, in front of the school... who wouldn't want to fuck out, on the legendary Bassline stage? Special vocal guest, David Owens (Lithium) joined them on stage for lekker, brutal tune too. The Drift tempted us so much, that the fans withdrawal symptoms of what was yet to come, was increased ten fold!


It was finally time to celebrate 20 years of the Darkest Hour, 20 years to the core man! These dudes know how to have some serious fun! If you were there, you would’ve thought that no one could top the stage presence of The Drift's bassist... wrong! Fuck man, these guys did not stay in one place, (except their gigantic drummer, Travis, crouching over his kit, of course...) they kept changing positions numerous times with each song... as a fan that’s awesome, wherever you were, your heroes came to you, up close and brutal! They themselves revelled in the fact, that there was no stage barrier and the fans could be one with the band. The front row, so easily included in making brutal, rough love to them guitars, as they literally stood at the stage's edge, throughout the show. At times, I thought they were gona jump off and have themselves a jolly good time amongst us all... nonetheless it still felt like they did, often cheersing their drinks with fans too. That's so damn fucking cool!


A huge circle pit was going almost non stop, throughout the show, which proved a challenge for the crazed fans wanting to stage dive (illegally as Mr "Croacky" tried to stop the first few crazies and eventually just let us metalheads be...) there were some very successful dives, including Facing the Gallows' frontman Bryan... and some not so successful stage dive attempts by others, due to the circle pit opening such a massive circle, within the crowed... OUCH! But hey, we all had ourselves some serious fucking fun!


Personally I am not a fan of pink at all... yes strange for a chick I guess... Bassist Aaron, however sported a baby pink bass and matching shoes... and couple guys (nogal) were mentioning how fucking metal that was... not too sure about that myself, but Darkest Hour put on a vibrant, heavy, brutal, fucking entertaining and fun show, so fuck yeah to baby pink bass guitars and shoes, on brutal looking, long haired, bearded, metal men! Hahaha! 


Darkest Hour jammed some of their best songs, old and new, along with the entire album “Undoing Ruin”. Now you can just imagine the variety of extreme, melodic, core darkness, we experienced as fans, legendary stuff... then ended their set somewhat abruptly, or so it seemed, as we weren’t ready for the last song... even after the encore we didn’t have enough. You guys are gona have to come back sometime and play the rest of your “20 years in existence, set” ;) What an honour it was to be a part of their 20 year celebration! So much passion and awesomeness! Luckily some of the band members, stuck around after the show, chilling and chatting with fans, as if they were our lifelong buddies. I respect that so much in a band, making them humble and uber cool dudes! Here's to the next 20 fucking years \m/


by Heidi de Villiers



By Heidi de Villiers

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