9 December 2015

Yeah yeah, venue changes, blah blah blahdiba... the scene is uhmmmm... uderground you know? So it goes hand in hand with that. Quite frankly, it adds to the atmosphere and soul of that which is metal. So yeah, I say bring it on, where the music is, you will find us \m/ ...and what a treat we were given... Yes it's great being surrounded by tens of thousands of fans, with a massive stage and blasting sound, staring at the big screen to get a glimpse of what the actual fuck is going on, on stage... (me at Wacken next year) also it's fucking great if you are one of the lucky fucks with a priceless backstage pass, where you get to meet the band and perhaps chat and maybe get an autograph on the shirt, you got given, as part of your special package...


In this case, we were all the lucky fucks... yeah, one could say this with almost every show Witchdoctor Productions put on... but none were quite as quaint, intimate, intense and fun as this show was.


Saturday, 28 November 2015, saw South African metalheads, seek out a strange, dangerous, mythical creature of Norse Legend. Now before I go into any factual details, let me paint you a pretty picture, (according to my fucking silly imagination, anyways) We South Africans know jack about Norse Legends, unless you went to go Google that shit, including myself being a German South African... I grew up with my Dad reading us bed time stories, from the Grimms Maerchen, (the Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm, but in German of course ;) ) All of us know a couple of fairy tails written by these guys, some scary fucking shit I tell you and the odd sweetened tale, in between. Some based on facts, myths, others legend and who knows what else. We also know a little Terry Pratchet and JRR Tolkien and yes there's many more.


Point is, in a lot of fairy tales, there are little creatures and big creatures and all sorts of different trolls, gremlins, goblins, gnomes, elves and you get the picture right... now imagine these strange creatures, having a fucking blast, partying hard, getting up to no good, being mischievous, drinking it up and causing havoc wherever they go. Marching around, sneaking about, laughing cynically hard, fucking shit up, conspiring against and seeking out their next victims, going on yet another creepy, fun filled adventure... now imagine the background music or soundtrack, to all that glorious, fairytale chaos... that melody you hear, when you know danger and mischief are near... Finntroll is that fucking soundtrack! With their various, theatrical melodies, full of fun, mischief, havoc and yes, fucking brutality too. Brutality, because the Finntroll was no sweet little, mischievous troll. In very short, legend has it that this wild, human sized creature was vicious! Beating up, mutilating, killing and devouring many a human, especially those bringing religion into their world... they also say Finntroll is black, folk metal... I disagree, it's Troll Metal for fucksakes!


We found these creatures of legend, not in their usual dark, icy, forest and swampy habitat, but in the heart of down-town Joburg! The last show, at what was the Iron Tusk, which had already been somewhat stripped down. The setting was extremely intimate and felt freakishly underground. The anticipation grew strong, as there was no support act and you could feel the fans getting rowdy. Finntroll's craziness, energy, mischief, brutality and legend was cast upon us like a magical spell, as soon as they entered the stage. We were all Trolling with the legend that is Finntroll, instantly. The sound was earth shattering, the lights, creating a colourful, yet eerie atmosphere. The fans had so much fun and energy, squeezed into such a small space, it felt fucking legendary! We were one with Finntroll. Whether you were right at the front, in the centre of havoc and mischief, on the crammed staircase, or on the top staring down, with a gaze of being under their powerful, trollish spell... it was fucking intense and intimate all round. The moshpit sent explosive waves, through the entire crowed... These creatures that are Finntroll, with their scary, wild faces and long pointy ears, theatrical heavy music, magical and brutal spells of legendary, metal mischief, at its fucking core. I couldn’t get enough and neither did the rest of the fans! With every song, it was like FUCK YEAH, MOTHER FUCK YEAH!!! This dark, gloomy place, heated from deep within our souls, cast under this magical spell, creating a sweaty, eargasmic, brutally fun and energetic environment... perfection for Trolling to extremes!


The vocalist with his abused vocal chords, kept us entertained throughout the show. That mic too, was something of strange myth, as he used it for various vocal and creepy sounds, together with the mostly Swedish, growls. The keyboard with its magical, theatrical melodies, those intense drums with their superfast beats and a rhythm you can not escape. The guitars casting their various spells... Yes, we were consumed by these Finntroll's, with every song! The show wasn't over in a bang, but rather like a sneaky Troll on its way to its next victims... but not before they were summoned, for an encore of Epic Trolling!


Then it was over... our adrenaline still pumping, this was somewhat unfuckingbelievable. Luckily for us, these crazy fucks, turned into humans and hung around after the show to meet more crazed fans, as they did before the show too. Man these guys are super cool and humble as fuck! Having drinks with fans, dishing out autographs, whether you brought your entire collection of albums and merch, or simply a delicious bosom. We even had a mini foto session afterwards too, for any fan who so wished... BONUS!!! This show truly was a massive highlight of my year and what an awesome way to Immortalise the Iron Tusk, under the spell of the Legendary Finntroll, the Rivfader! A magical, brutal spell, we will always be under \m/


by Heidi de Villiers


By Heidi de Villiers

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