17 MAY 2016

It's that time of year again, where the world gets to battle it out for a spot at the Battle for Wacken in Germany. This year South Africa will represent again! Infanteria went in 2013 and Red Helen in 2014, a gap year was taken in 2015 and we are now around the corner of the Wacken Metal Battle South Africa Finals, being held at Rumours 28 May 2016.


This year the competition is very tight again!

Vulvodynia and Desolation took Durban. Bulletscript, Zombies ate my Girlfriend and Fuera took Cape Town... (we encountered a little bump in the road as Fuera sadly disbanded on the 10th and it was announced on the 14th that Subject to Slaughter will take their spot. Gauteng was up next and OctaInium wasted no time to grab the first Gauteng heat at Rumours.


I was privy enough to check out the last two battle heats, at Sundowners and Wolmer. Both these heats featured some of our best bands, (as did all the other heats nationwide, man I would’ve loved to have experienced them all). The genres were quite diverse and the fans at both shows were totally amped! With just a 20 minute slot, bands really had to bring their A-game and give us their all! Bands arrived early in order to draw their time slots too, this made things real exciting too! Who will play first and who gets to play last and all the blood, sweat and tears in between. Fans hardly had a gap to take a breather between bands... almost like speed dating I guess. What I loved most is that band members supported other bands too, its a metalhood man, we stand together, support each other and are family, competition or not! Yeah ok, they obviously checking out their competition too ;)


Personally I take my hat off to all the judges involved too. Yeah some nights I am sure were easier than others, to tally up the score sheets... or perhaps not... but damn I already thought Friday was very tight, then Saturday came and I was just like no ways. What a difficult task judging such awesome talent must have been. I have a lot of favourites, which I hoped would go through (and did), but it definitely wasn’t just one band from each heat, they were all great! Riddlebreak took Sundowners and Killatoria took Wolmer...


Damn man! How I wish all the bands could go to Germany or any country for that matter and show the world exactly how diverse and amazing our bands are... but that’s in a fantasy world and only one band will get to represent South Africa... it is a competition after all.


All that said, when looking at the final line up of bands, I am sure as fuck a proudly South African Metalhead! I hope to see all my fellow metalheads and crazed fans at the Finals to show our support and help fund a band to go to Wacken! With a national line up like that, its gona be a fucking killer \m/ So make sure you are there! I personally wish all the bands involved, great success!


In the next few days, be sure to keep an eye on the page, as the 8 finalists, tell us about their experience and what winning would mean to them \m/


By Heidi de Villiers

By Heidi de Villiers

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