21 March 2016

Saturday 27th February, saw a great line up of over 20 bands across two stages, for Metal Feast, the first event of its kind, at my home away from home, Rumours Lounge. I was totally amped for this feast of metal, meat and ice cold mead! We arrived very early and I was hoping to see at least a handful of metalheads. I was pleasantly surprised to see such a great turn out, so early in the day already! A massive tent with tables and chairs was set up at the back of Rumours, for the feasting area! Yip, these guys meant business! It was blazing hot and the ice cold beers went down ever so smoothly. At this stage I knew it was gona be a killer day! Fuck yeah \m/


Things got heated quickly inside the venue, even though it is filled with metal fans everywhere ;) The bands were literally back to back and one can only headbang, mosh, jam and run from stage to stage for so long, before you need to cool off outside, chill with buddies and refuel. This does however mean that you are gona miss out on some bands... With all corners of Rumours packed inside and outside, it was such a bonus to go chill out, in the awesome tent as well. We feasted away on the delicious spit and various other yummy grub. I was totally in my element, it really excites me so much, when venues are packed to the brim, from young to old, for metal events. Another thing that excites me, is to see metal fans outside their jurisdiction, showing up in JHB and supporting the scene. Lets not forget the ever so entertaining and crazy fuck, Juan who was the MC of the day, with his funnel and stage dives! Damn that guy was everywhere!


Bands generally don’t like being the first on stage (nor the last), especially on full day events. Its obvious why though, as there are usually only like 3 fans still getting into the grind of things... but not on this day... the metalheads couldn’t wait for the first band to start. They were so amped and hungry for metal and they couldn’t have asked for a better band to get things started!


Posthumous are quite unique, they don’t conform to your usual musical recipes, neither the melodic, progressive metal ones. This makes their music unpredictable, genius and a complete mind fuck at times. I have watched them play numerous times and still I'm left baffled and mind fucked, especially with those questions and answers between their guitarist and interesting syncopation, especially when it comes to their drummer. They were so tight and enjoying the main stage to the max. It was great to see them interact so much with each other, I definitely want to see more of that!


With our minds fucked, it was already time to have our souls happily destroyed, so early in the day... Lesuth... Mother Fuck! If its not the music getting your soul invigorated by destruction... the vocalist sure will! I cant explain it, but a vocalist that grunts at just the perfect moment... will have you in ecstasy, in split seconds! These guys are heavy, dark and symphonic. Their music lingers in places, it has no business, as if it knows all your deepest, darkest secrets. And for a short while you dont care and you just go with it! These guys are building a reputation, very quickly \m/


We were even treated to something a little ...uhmmm brighter. Hokum with their trippy sound, gave us just the perfect balance bewteen dark and light, with their kaleidoscope of sounds, teasing the dimensions of reality. It was totally refreshing.


I hadnt seen this next band live for a while and it was like meeting up, with that long lost crazy friend, that always gets you into trouble somehow. They have that lekker, heavy, hard kick to their sets, which has you head banging and moshing in no time. Killatoria totally killed it on stage!


Raptorbaby were excellent as usual. With their fun element, great stage presence, combined with seriousness, it makes for a very enjoyable set. This is what life is about, serious shit, questionable stuff and fun vibes and they capture it perfectly!


Spectral Realm took us on that … unforgiving voyage of darkness and musical genius, sending shivers down your spine and raising the hair at the back of your neck. You do not want their frontman staring at you, it feels scarier than the thought of judgement day! Or perhaps you do ;) It's also not everyday that you get to witness a 6 piece band, wreaking havoc and the fans feeding off of it and being entranced by a force, that only music can conjure!


Boargazm just cant disappoint ever... even if they were on the smaller stage, which was a little odd, but crackling nonetheless! We all love our intergalactic pigs and cosmic metals! We had the pleasure again, of the Miss Piggy, grinding away at her crotch... she seems to enjoy it more and more! Watch out guys, those sparks are deadly!


This next band had such a face melting, no wait, body melting, tight set! Aside from their usual neck and back breaking music, Riddlebreak went all out to try and break that stage. Energised to the max, they were are all over it. That must be the highest I've seen their frontman jump on stage ever! The heat didn’t even stand a chance with them! These guys are super entertaining, really tight and connected as a band. Their interactions with each other on stage, exudes the passion they have for their music! The fans went totally ape-shit, the whole set through! I really want these Djents and Lass, to do a national tour soon. The country needs them!


Musical genius of another kind, saw these blokes from Poverty of Ideals, take us on an instrumental journey... unlike any other. You start of with a little toe tap... then a head bob, whilst staring at these guys in a trance, as they finger those guitars and stroke those drums... the music, caressing your ears so gently... touching your soul, making love to you and before you know it, the intensity grabs you by your hair, savagely ravishing your body and fucking you from behind... oh God, I don’t even read those cheap romance novels and this is just sounding way to erotic for a metal music review... but I cant help describe an eargasmic experience in that manner. Their music makes you fall in lust, as they power it up and get vigorously hard and heavy. You lose your shit completely, the music takes over every part of your being and then sets you free, into the wild! Its a fusion of jazz, blues, rock and heavy metal... technical, melodic, groovy and progressive. Wow! Just fucking wow man! These dudes are just so cool man, they invited a young fan up on stage, to join them. This chap had sent them a vid of him covering their song Machines. They thought it was awesome and here we are, witnessing a dream come true! Vojislav did them proud as he jammed Machines with them, even took the lead and played his heart and soul out on stage. The fans went crazy for him! What an awesome moment! Respect guys \m/


This full day feast, left me stuffed to the brim, broken and exhausted! Almost non stop headbanging, running, well actually more like squeezing your way through, from stage to stage, inside, outside... vibing with the best company and music in the universe... I had to wave my torn and tattered flag with pride at midnight and bow out before the feast was over... Rumours was still packed at that stage. I left with a huge smile, invigorated soul and a broken body. The event left me in ecstasy and with such pride, that our scene is as strong as ever, if not stronger \m/ A huge MOTHER FUCK YEAH to the MC, Juan for all the antics, Sound Engineers for the impeccable sound, the Team, Venue Owner Fred for the delicious feast and great venue and the Organisers, Musa and Brandon, for hosting such a successful event. Lastly to all the bands that participated, I wish I could mention you all, as you guys are sure as fuck deserving! Here's my vote for another \m/ Metal Feast \m/


by Heidi de Villiers


By Heidi de Villiers

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