13 August 2018

If you’re into the following, you gotta check this out

1. Vile subject matters

2. If you’re one of the few that don’t get offended easily and don’t take things too seriously either

3. Groovy Bone Crushing Romance


With this extreme and somewhat unique underground genre, combining the grinding sounds of gore and porn, this fairly young 4 piece band, hailing from a *dorpie in the middle of fucking nowhere, has quickly proven its place amongst South African metal and metalheads alike and we finally get to experience their Groovy Bone Crushing Romance anywhere with this, their debut EP “Lords of Gore”


The EP cover is striking, with its stark use of grey against the many hues of red, with hints of white and black. The stomach churning image of a monster like being, ripping female bodies to pieces, skinning and eviscerating them with his brut force and bare hands …this on top of a pile of more mutilated body parts; with bones, blood and guts everywhere. All this grotesque imagery is beautifully framed with red, black white and grey splatters, completing the artwork and welcoming the listener to the vile, expeditious journey about to be taken.


Within the first 20 seconds of “Assembly of Grotesque Mutilation”, the nature, style and sound of their self-made term “Groovy Bone Crushing Romance” is revealed, and it is disturbingly pleasurable right throughout the EP! The low regurgitated growl vocals, mostly incomprehensible are however extremely colourful and defined at times, as it balances out with medium to high screeching vocals with clear enough diction, piercing right through your entrails. Something you would not generally expect with this type of genre.


One thing you do expect is vile production, which they pull off very well. Picture yourself on a night out, in a downstairs filthy bathroom of a shitty establishment, with the music from upstairs coming through the walls. It is more disgusting then the lyrical content, offending, gang banging and mutilating any sound system it is played through and probably safest done through earphones.


The music, which one would expect to be a noisy and bloody mess, is in fact filled with abrasive yet catchy riffs, cuntish (yes that’s a word now, ok) breakdowns, gory grooves and mutilating melodies. The disturbing cowbell and snare at times is off putting (as it should be) yet the lure in the rhythm, is how the music grinds together the speed of gore and slow groove of porn.


As the band’s gruesome name: “Resurrection of Fetal Remains”, grotesque cover and sick track titles scream shock factor, it’s obvious that this EP is not for sensitive listeners. Subject matter and lyrical content (which range from gory to sexually disturbing and explicit) aside, this isn’t easy listening for the beginner, just getting into metal. It is an acquired taste and an underground fetish. A fetish you will fuck out to, headbang and mosh for the whole 15 minutes, the 6 track EP brutally rapes your entire being, ripping you apart then resurrecting your scattered body parts, whilst you smile gloriously \m/


By Heidi de Villiers

Artist: Resurrection of Fetal Remains

EP: Lords of Gore

Written by:  Resurrection of Fetal Remains

Release date: 18 August 2018

Artwork: Ongky Widyanto

Recorded at: Self Recorded

Mixed by: Dobe Entertainment

Country: South Africa


1. Assembly of Grotesque Mutilation

2. Cunt Carving Crematorium

3. Gang Banged by Gangs

4. Flesh Ripping Cunt

5. Midnight Meat Train

6. Lords of Gore (feat Dominic Vorster on vocals, of Bleeding Spawn and Displeased Disfigurement)

Catch them live for their EP launch Saturday 18th August here \m/

Get the EP here:


-more links will be added when available

*Small Town (PS. welcome foreigner, may you indulge in more South African Metal)

By Heidi de Villiers

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