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They tried to stop Witchfest…but through countless efforts and the will to succeed and never give up… they could not and did not stop us! Witchdoctor Productions have been to hell and back to make this, the Biggest Extreme Metal Festival in Africa, a huge success. The bands involved, local and international stuck by them. This came at a high cost, so please support the scene and organizers by donating to their Indiegogo campaign.

Sure it went from originally being an open air fest to an urban indoor fest… which was great in the end, the sound and atmosphere was thunderous inside Bassline. The stage, sound and lighting crew were impeccable and just about ran right on time, I take my hat off to them. With the heavens opening up on day two, it sheltered the metalheads from the wet weather, not that that would have stopped them either… no metalhead minds banging in the rain

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By Heidi de Villiers

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