12 April 2018

Saturday 14 April 2018 will see seven Metal bands taking to the stage at Rumours Rock City for the Monsters Ball, a fundraising event which will be supporting the Look Good Feel Better organization.

The Look Good Feel Better organization supports cancer patients through focusing on their emotional and social well being and needs.

The idea for the event came from Janéca Dippenaar who, herself, is a cancer survivor and understands the value organizations like this provide.


“Cancer takes so much out of a person already and your appearance is the brave face you must try and wear when you just don’t want to carry on anymore.  But you get up and you take it one day at a time.  People like Look Good Feel Better help you to make the transition and help you feel better against all odds.” – Janéca Dippenaar (organizer, Monsters Ball)


One of the things that the Metal community does well is support good causes and, considering the organization being supported, why not have a fancy affair?  We do, however, tend to have a love for the macabre so what better than to give it a monstrous twist so that we can dress up twice for the same occasion.  There will be a prize for the best dressed so charming ghouls and handsome goblins are encouraged.


The night will kick off at 18:00 however there is no set time-slot line-up for the night so be there from the start to ensure you soak up all that the night’s entertainment has to offer.  Slots will be drawn just before the first band kicks off so you do not want to miss out because the stage will be seeing Omentum, Deadline, Disarmageddon, My Columbine, Aimed at You, Till Terminus and PSordid.

Omentum will be bringing the Doom to the room with their own comedic flair.  They are honoured to be able to take part in an event to help raise funds for others who help those affected by this illness.

“Omentum is looking forward to rocking out with some amazing bands and giving a great big middle finger to Cancer.” – Chelsea Mulock-Bentley (bass, Omentum)


Deadline have promised their first class Heavy Metal and taking us back to Black Wolf City, fresh from two wins at the SAMMAs

“Deadline is very honoured to be playing a gig to benefit such a great cause.  Cancer is everyone’s enemy and if we can not only raise funds but raise awareness we can all contribute in a small way.” – Jessy Switchblade (vocals, Deadline)

Thrashing Ash and the rest of the Disarmageddon crew are excited about the event.

“It’s always important to support such causes, and what better way to do so alongside our metal brethren?” – Ash Seetharam (bass, Disarmageddon)

Something new has been promised by the progressive Till Terminus and they have a message for everyone who has not yet decided if they will be joining the evening’s festivities.

“We are mourning the people who decide not to attend.” – Mosi Storm (guitar/backing vocals, Till Terminus)

On the heels of their Ritual Violence debut album release, we can be assured to be grooving to the melodic Death Metal sounds of My Columbine

“We’re pretty excited to be a part of Monsters Ball, not only is it a great line-up but it is for a good cause too!” – Sven Borgstrom (bass, My Columbine)

Aimed at You will be delivering their signature sock-vanquishing rock.

“We are looking at bringing our unusual fud vibe to this ghoulish affair! We look forward to seeing all you Draculas and Draculinas; Zombies, Werewolves, Harpies and Demons there.  It’s going to be beastly!” – Sam MacKintosh (vocals, Aimed at You)

To complete the line-up, PSordid will be unleashing groove metal and Dead Ted.  They are on the look out for a new vocalist so be sure to catch this one if you have not heard their current sound before.

“We feel privileged to be sharing the stage with so many great bands who have come in to join us to support such a worthy foundation.” – Tim Botes (bass, PSordid)

So, you had better get to Rumours Rock City on Saturday, to show support for this great cause while celebrating the strange, the macabre and the Metal. 

By Lisa Botes

By Heidi de Villiers

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