26 June 2017

The abominable snowman, was rumoured to have made its way down, to South Africa, all the way from the icy Himalayas, as it heard about a little festival in its namesake. The long weekend starting 16 June, saw a variety of bands and fans come together, for Yeti Fest, held at Wolmer bush lounge, to find this mythical ape like creature and to celebrate numerous birthdays, in the best way possible!

Sadly, we missed Friday's festivities and on our arrival Saturday afternoon, it was evident amongst a few hungover, yet happy fans, that it was a legendary evening. How could it not with Puppet on strings, After Robot, Held on till may and Posthumous.

Dead Girl Friend opened the festivities on Saturday, with their groovy rock tunes, enticing the fans from their camp sites and wetting the appetites for all the bands to follow. Then four masked gents took to the stage and immediately one got the feeling of a strange combo, mixing the classical Phantom of the opera, with futuristic bionic type men... wielding sexy guitars!? Till Terminus, ensured that we continued into the groove of things, with their spacey prog rock. From chilled vibes to some heavy climaxing riffs, their fans were easily hypnotized.

Therapayne was up next. Motherfuck these guys are gloriously dark, eary and fucking unpredictable, as they play in varying styles. Keeping within the groove, they pull you from one direction to the next. Their powerful stance on stage alone, calls your inner demons to come out and play. We are so excited that these guys are back and seriously look forward to experiencing them again and again!

SAMMA nominated Nerve Zero (Best Single & Best Video) got into our nervous system once again. Their gorgeous vocalist Kim had the sexiest combo of dreads together with her flawless outfit. It is and will always be, a shock to the system when this petit beauty, with her soft spoken voice, growls deeper than any Yeti would dream of. The contrast alone is mesmerising. Add to that some veteran and well experienced musicians, loving their art and you have yourself a juicy, death metal combination!

It was our first encounter with this next band and what a breath of fucking fresh air! Hiraeth are a 6 piece band, fusing their individual sounds into an impressive proggy colab of modern genres. They took to the small stage at Wolmer and made it seem massive, as they used every centimeter. Their two vocalists, the beautiful Mart-Marie (clean) and energetic Gareth (growl) seemed like they were cut from the same cloth. They have a distinct dynamic together and it fucking works! Gareth, whom most of us know from Riddlebreak, certainly made the most of the fact, that he only had a mic in hand. It was great to see this birthday boy take on this role, with so much passion! It certainly didn’t go to waste, as the entire band and all the fans fed off it like hungry cannibals going crazy. This band certainly has a great future ahead!

With our energy appetites growing, My Columbine, another SAMMA nominee (Best Death Metal) did what they do best! Their high energy performances are always filled with fun antics, between their guitarists, as the questions and answers are carried, with such conviction and mischief, which leaves fans drooling at the solos and moshing at the chaos! So much so that they took a victim along with them this time. Obviously no band wants their fans to get injured, yet we believe with this particular fan, a stranger to none, it is somewhat seen as an honour. Fuelled by their music and energy, Lord Boo (another birthday boy) found himself in a close cut relationship, with the monitor speaker and had to get his face stitched up at hospital. Metal fan level: Expert \m/

We certainly were spoiled when it came to SAMMA nominees at this event, Raptorbaby with a whopping 4 nominations (Best Video, Best Single, Best Album & Best Prog Metal) started their set with the longing and haunting sounds of a didgeridoo and the fans loved it! It quickly progressed into hard hitting beats and carefully calculated riffs. These guys, have a distinct unique sound, from the tone of the guitars to varying vocal styles. Even the drummer stands out with his intriguing back up vocals! These guys are certainly making their mark in the industry and setting a unique South Hemispheric sound, for prog metal of an unusual kind!

The last band we captured, though not the last of the night, nominated for 3 SAMMA's (Best EP, Best Live Act & Best Core Metal) are the ladies and djents from Riddlebreak. Watching this neck and back breaking band, grow from strength to strength, leaves one feeling warm and fuzzy, on a cold winters night. Along with their usual high energy set, they show off with their new 8 string hit “The hog” featuring Laura on the violin. I first heard this song earlier in the year and this brings a new exciting element to the band and their growth. Riddlebreak know how to please a crowed and give the fans more than they expect, yet certainly deserve. Call it their party trick and it fucking kills! Even Lord Boo made it back from his injuries: Featuring Laura on violin and Vincent from Raptorbaby on guest growls, their fan fav “Something Sick” is transformed into a frenzy of eargasms, a see of headbanging, screams of exhilaration and ultimately a song that transports you into the next galaxy! FUCK YEAH!


Regretfully, we never spotted the Yeti nor witnessed the last two bands (Empyrean War & Mezentary), nonetheless we had ourselves a legendary time with other legends, great South African bands and metal \m/ A huge happy birthday to the event orginiser Gareth (Riddlebreak, Hireath & Mezentary), Gordon (Riddlebreak), Lord Boo (expert metal fan) and Kimmy (gorgeous, crazy metal fan) \m/

Next on the Metal calender, the night where we get all dressed up and award the best of the best! See you at the SAMMA's Saturday 1 July 2017

Event details here.

By Heidi de Villiers

By Heidi de Villiers

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