KRANK'D UP - 2018

29 September 2018

It was time for Turning Tricks Entertainment's 6th annual one day festival – Krank’d Up, featuring a whopping 19 South African bands and the 2 international headliners: Sikth and Miss May I...

The weather was absolutely perfect, which was a great concern considering the thunderstorm the night before and some heavy clouds brewing then thankfully leaving throughout the day. One thing that is always present is the feeling of community, you can hardly take two steps without greeting your fellow metal/alternative fam. Another kontrasting one is that of new faces, lots of new faces! And we absolutely love new faces!

A festival isn’t complete without some interesting stalls, a beer tent (which was in fact a hard liqueur tent) yummy food stalls, a game station, a whiskey stand, large merch stand and of course two stages. The selection of beers and other refreshments however was kept to a minimal choice... a bit disappointing, but hey, you cant satisfy everybody I guess... Zamalek it is then....yukk! The line up, however made provision for a huge variety of tastes in different genres! From hard rock, to hardcore, brutal death metal to progressive metal... satisfaction guaranteed!

Running from one stage to the other? Part and parcel if you intend on indulging or at least trying to experience as many bands as possible live... fans were chilling everywhere, some camped out in front of the main stage, some relaxed at the benches or hid away from the sun inside... in between drinking and gaming and shopping. The outside stage looked amazing, the "roof" was pretty cool and kept the harsh rays at bay and the stage screen was a non stop visual orgasm! The lighting and sound was great, although I fear the power of the inside setup was too immense for the acoustics and a lot of detail got drowned out at times.

Some highlights were KOI mesmerising us with their skills! Last One Alive and Treehouse Burning would've easily carried a main stage slot, that inside stage was bursting at the seems, but every young band needs to earn their way up there... Riddlebreak getting that main stage slot, and then treating and introducing us to their new body breaking content, due for release soon! Southern Wild getting us well, wild and southern! It was a bittersweet send off for legends Only Forever, who played their last ever gig... RIP... a welcoming one for Facing the Gallows’ new vocalist, who did us proud... The brutal fix from Bleeding Spawn ensured we didn't all go soft... and containing that in a small space is a must, we wouldn't want to break the main stage before the headliners get a gap?

The once chilled vibe at the main stage had slowly progressed into a large crowed as night set in. Not able to sit anymore, with the inside stage line up ending, it was down to headlining business. Sikth made a lasting impression, they were totally sikth and gave their fans all and more than expected. They certainly added a huge South African fan-base with their performance! It was such a beautiful and powerful moment when the fans chanted “Look at the Sky” as loudly as humanly possible for all of Jo’burg to hear! Miss May I drew the last energy the fans had left with their energetic set, the circle pits were going almost non stop. They had the crowed eating out of their hands and conjured one last big circle pit with “Forgive and Forget”... what a way to end the day \m/

Be sure not to miss out on the 7th annual Krank’d up Music festival in 2019 \m/

By Heidi de Villiers

Line up was:

Main Stage:
Miss May I
Deity's Muse
Facing The Gallows
Southern Wild
Truth and its Burden
Only Forever
Ruff Majik
Slippery When Wet

Inside Stage:
LA Cobra
Bleeding Spawn
All We've Known
Dirty Moonshine
Penny Vagrant
Treehouse Burning
Zephyr Heirs
Last One Alive
Nerve Zero
Defy Theory

By Heidi de Villiers

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