We all know Contrast is an obvious and striking difference between two or more things... KONTRAST (German spelling) here, is a Piece of Art. It's about spiralling, organised chaos. The Beauty in Darkness, the Ugliness in Light and all the Red areas in between. It is a scatter brained, passion worm hole, imploding with the urge, to fucking scream to the universe!
KONTRAST will mainly take you into the lifestyle and soul of all things... underground. Having fun and focusing on the South African Metal Music Scene. KONTRAST is the SOUL of SA METAL \m/
KONTRAST was born from a fierce need to have my voice heard, after having my passions, choked, for way too long! Fuck it, this is an overcompensation for the things I love, yet for the most part, can only admire?


This unknown gift was unwrapped by two special ladies, who gave me a platform for my voice. Who knew I would love this artistic form of expression so much? Add to that a dude, who inspired me beyond this dimension! The outcome? KONTRAST! This is not about competing, politics, bullshit or saturating a perceived small, underground market. Its about sharing, exposure, expression, chaos, passion, darkness, light, love, hate, soul... KONTRAST!

P.S. We are not a photography page...  we only strive to capture the SOUL, essence and moments of gigs, with our pics \m/
Oh and we are obsessed with all things RED, like instruments, hair, clothing and random details ;)



Heidi has been fascinated with guitars for as long as she can remember and a lover of metal music since age 11. She has attended shows for over 20 years and her urge to give back grew, as metal had done so much for her. She started her roots, becoming an independent writer/photographer for ALT.sa & recordingstudios.co.za, later on creating the Entertainment Website/metal music blog KONTRAST. She oozes passion for South African Metal and goes out of her way to share it proudly with the community. Heidi has recently been a Judge for the Wacken Metal Battle South Africa 2017 in the Gauteng heats as well as the finals. She returns as a panellist for this year's South Africa Metal Music Awards after her panelist debut in 2017 \m/

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By Heidi de Villiers

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