17 November 2018

If your into the following, you gotta check this out:

1. Haunting thoughts, that search the universe, science and soul for answers

2. If you enjoy complicated, kontrasting, extreme and spacey metal

3. If you’re ready for the next level of brutalprogdjentmetal


Since August this year we have been bombarded by this band’s social media presence, out of nowhere! Then the single “Get Sick” and a couple song teasers get thrown in the mix, building the anticipation for their first ever live show, tonight (17 November 2018) at their EP launch. Their incredibly unique logo with intricate and basic geometric details, doubles as the EP cover... their band name alone conjures all sorts of possibilities and it all comes together at the apex: the well-known band members and the bands they come from, or are currently a part of, making this an insane combo and one of the greatest surprises this year! Introductions aren't needed, but painting the versatility is, so here goes:



With one guitarist from Joy Club Cassidy Cassidy


And the other guitarist from alternative rock band The Color Blew

Death Metal:

The drummer is known from groovedm band Maximum Carnage

The bassist and back up vocs is also known from groovedm band Maximum Carnage and slamthrash band Killatoria lets throw in some session work for the spacepigs of deathcore band Boargazm, from time to time too.

Progressive metal:

The lead vocs is from progmetalcore band Riddlebreak and meloprogmetal band Hiraeth

Picture painted? Not even close... so carry on reading ;)


The mere 41 second intro fades in slowly and resembles a movie score at first, it escalates uniquely into a more joyful interstellar melody and if imagined, sounds like the photo, (yes a photo) the song- and EP title, is named after, taken by the Hubble Space Telescope: “Pillars of Creation” ...and what you are about to experience, will blow your fucking mind!


26 seconds into “A Perfect Slave” you reach your first “MOTHERFUCK” (yes, there are countless more you’ll reach) and you know they mean serious business! Its extreme, from a great groove to intense powerblasts and chuggs. You completely loose yourself in the moment of brutality, when all of a sudden at 1:30 things change drastically as the gorgeous guitar lick takes you to another dimension ...a mere taste of the complexity and conglomeration throughout the EP.


The music is innovative and experimental, which is a given within the progressive genre blend ...along with unusual time signatures and song structures, lots of polymeters and tempo changes, with a jaw dropping jazz fusion. All these complications are combined with powerful breakdowns, intricate solo’s, spacey melodies and raw death metal elements. The brute, lead growl vocals are gloriously harmonized with the higher pitch, back-up growls... don't expect any clean singing nor very clear enunciation either, multiplying the shear force of the music!


Their avant-garde compositions are technical, mesmerizing and aggressive! “The Fallen” triggers all sorts of emotions; from the loss, remembrance and longing, the beautiful noise evokes within you, it kontrasts with the anger in “The Sick”. “The Great Escape” embraces freedom whilst “A Place Between” is infinite. The somewhat dirty production, adds to the brutality and emphasizes the guitar tones, cymbal crashes, and depth off the bass.


As the 6 track EP gently fades out... you are left gobsmacked and numb... This genius work of art, will guarantee headbanging and provoke moshpits, all whilst you experience endless goosebump and motherfuck moments. Human Nebula is the next level of brutal, progressive, djent metal. Not recommended for the metal novice and intermediate, nor those who prefer simplicity. It is however a must have EP for the seeker of things heavy, exquisite and obscure this ruthless beauty and intense organized chaos, obliterates your mind and leaves your soul enriched \m/


By Heidi de Villiers


Artist: Human Nebula

EP: Pillars of Creation (Debut)

Written by: Human Nebula

Released: 17 November 2018

Genre: Progressive Metal

Logo Design: Christopher Horst of Horst Type Foundry

Recorded at: Home Studio

Mixed & Produced by: Kyle Botha (Guitarist of Human Nebula)

Country: South Africa



1. Pillars of Creation

2. A Perfect Slave

3. The Fallen

4. Get Sick

5. The Great Escape

6. A Place Between


Launch event and 1st live show, At Rumours Rock City tonight supported by:
Riddlebreak, Hypergiant A.E. & Boargazm

First 100 through the door, receive a free EP

Get the EP here:



By Heidi de Villiers

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