2 May 2018

The day had arrived for Joburg to experience the Post-Alaskan, Portland-Core Crazy Fists for the 2nd time, since they graced our ecstatic souls, at Krank’d Up Music Fest in 2015, thanks to Turning Tricks Entertainment. It’s always fucking humbling when international acts return after their first visit. A one night stand is great, but this is like, “Yeah, they fucking love us too, man \m/” ...They even started their journey in Cape Town this time round, so romantic of them ;)

It’s Saturday 28 April 2018, the queue is building outside Rumours Rock City and it’s filling up quickly inside. The vibe is one of much expectation and growing anticipation, for the evening at hand. The stage is set with the Crazy’s banner,  a front of stage barrier, a PA system about quadruple the size of the venue’s usual equipment, ensuring sound that will re-arrange our organs (which it certainly did). Added stage lighting made for quite the spectacle and stage management running everything smoothly and on time. Yip, the tricksters mean business... as always!

Riddlebreak are up first and they get right into what they do best, riddling our bodies with their interstellar energy, breaking our necks in the process. This band is a quasar of genres, ranging from deep core attributes to vast ma-djentic progressions. It’s glorious watching them tear up the stage and so special when there’s that gasp from first timers and screech from their fans, when their violinist joins them on stage. Their set is powerful yet short, with both old favs and new hedglings, ready to concur the cosmos, and it all finishes with a big bang!

The gang is up next, these veterans take us from the galactic journey we just encountered, right into the fine cracks of our hearts and before we get too emotional about life, they pick us up, dust us off and chuck us into the party bus. Newtown Knife Gang is cutting edge rock which stabs progresively hard. Their frontman, humbled fans, as he pulled a Dave Grohl’er, being wheelchair bound, due to back issues. Spence, we trust you’ll heal up and recover soon, all the best \m/ This party bus is raucous and lively right up to and including it’s last stop, with delighted fans all round!

The penultimate slot is filled by Only Forever. What a damn cool place to be in! You have an excitable, loosened up crowed, eating at your fingertips! They  serenaded the sweat-drenched fans, with their hard hitting tunes, captivating them as they took over the entire stage. These guys took Rumours to another level of elation ...and we all thrived in it!

36 Crazyfists?... I beg to differ! There were at least 500 pairs of crazy fists, if not more! Bodies crammed together, cheering for that 2nd and for some their 1st encounter with these, the guys touring the world, for their 7th studio album: “Lanterns”, which was released September 2017.


It's a deep and very personal album, that reveals dark depths of a broken soul, ripping wounds right open for all to see... This, combined with a setting, as intimate as Rumours, is beyond perfect, as we can get close and personal with the band too... and we did!

They took us on journeys, mixing old and new. Oozing their passion on stage through to the fans! We were all eating death, facing time and trauma, with sorrow. From below the grave, to reviving with bloodwork, damaged from our wars to walk away from! We gave it hell and more \m/  They made us go crazy fisty with every song!

We didn't want them to leave of course and chanted our encore, wanting more! It’s always a gift when a band comes back out again... it’s that last chance for both band and fan, to give it their all. What better way to end of this crazy, yet intimate night, then with “We die Young” and “Slit Wrist Theory”...every fan bellowing the lyrics out, horns and fists raised, to 36 Crazyfists, who too were in awe \m/.


By Heidi de Villiers

By Heidi de Villiers

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