14 December 2015

With an epic 2015 drawing to a speedy close, Joburgers were spoilt, with a pre taste of the Legendary and Annual Free Form Music and Arts Festival, held at Cinamambo, in Graskop. The warm up party took place at Smugglers, Friday the 4th of December.


Arriving just in time, for some laid back, lekker rock tunes, from The Cunning Stunts. No they are not a Metallica Tribute Band, although the name could be very fitting. These guys are sure to get you into that typical foot stomping, table top dancing, party mood. Good vibes and party mood check.


Some of us, were chilling outside, watching a dude play with fire too ;) oh, the power fire has over us... mesmerising danger! I arrived too late for the drumming circle, although it would’ve been a great experience, banging some bongo's and releasing those unwanted energies, from peak hour traffic and daily life, trancing out on pure rhythm.


I was looking forward to the next band, as they offer something really different, when it comes to local music acts. They are Monday Morning Justice. The first thing that comes to mind when listening to these crazy guys, is SKA, a musical genre, we South Africans, can do with more. Obviously Punk goes hand in hand with Ska, but these guys manage to infuse some angry Blues into their vibes as well. Their frontman Conley, is a typical anarchist, but an entertaining and funny dude too. Even giving us metalheads a little lip, brave mother fucker, but we totally dig him ;) They really got the party going full swing, with all that angry yet fun energy, fucking around and those Ska, Punk and Blues infused vibes. The kind of energy level you need to be on, for the next band...


Riddlebreak! Fuck yes, their extreme, progressive, heavy and very bouncy energy, is known to always break necks and backs! They always have their fans at their finger tips, break downs and every second of face melting, awesomeness! A band really hard to ignore, even if you're say a punk, a rocker, or just chilling about ;) The urge to get down with and bang your head is assured, with them on stage. Some tequila shots mid-set, added to the fun! Frontman Jade, packs some powerful energy and passion, feeding the fans with pure intensity. Be warned though, once you have heard them and seen them live, you will be addicted!


The past, present and future all come together with this next band, who take myth, legend, fact and opinion and turn it into musical genius! Posthumous are progressive and melodic, on another level! Their heavy, hard hitting, often off beats and strange melodies make for some serious stress relief and eargasms! I've said it before and I'll say it again, the questions and answers between guitarists Callysta and Estiaan is something to behold! Riffgasms galore man \m/ A set also won't be the same without Frontman Chris getting fans to chug beers and his very distinct growl vocals of course. I was so excited to hear them perform their brand new song “The Enemy” live, my first time and their second. Mother fuck wow! It went down soooo well! It's hard to describe this masterpiece of musical conflict and best to experience it, for yourself... you won't be sorry!


The first time I saw this next band, the last of the evening, funny enough was on the same Smugglers stage, about a year and half ago or perhaps 2 years ago... time flies when you're having fun. I still remember seeing and hearing frontlady Kim for the first time. My reaction on that day, I see in fans and first timers, every time, I attend one of their gigs. She really blows minds with her deep vocal growls. They are full of texture, fucking dangerous and hypnotic! So is their music, hitting nerves all round. Nerve Zero have some very experienced and talented musos and it shows in their music! Gripping you brutally hard and not letting you go, until they have consumed every last bit of your energy!


I must admit, I had way too much fun at this gig and I wasn't the only one! I don't know if it was because everyone was feeding off of Organiser, Court Gibbson's crazy, beautiful and wild energy, alongside all the bands, but it was one for the books indeed! A mix of all sorts of genres and musical pleasures, for all to enjoy! If you want to give Gauteng a miss, are craving good, home grown music, in a beautiful part of the country and want to get into that Festive Holiday Vibe, this weekend... then make your journey to the colourful, Annual Free Form Music and Arts Festival!


by Heidi de Villiers

By Heidi de Villiers

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