14 August 2018

If you’re into the following, you must check this out:

  1. Mother Nature vs Human Nature

  2. Very Dark and Beautiful melodies and lyrics

  3. If you’re not afraid of a little Techno mixed in your Metal

Already most of you are asking: Who the fuck’s Dead Man Risen? Never heard of them? Well simply put, some insanely talented dude, formerly of Dreams of Nightmares, who currently resides in a windy port city, created this solo metal project, with a slight technodustrial breeze and high pressure melodic death metal, that stirs up a volatile storm!


“Petrichor” is the 2nd full length album and damn was the excitement and expectation high for this release, after DMR unleashed its blood sucking debut album “Vampyre” in 2017, to the underground. The cover is simplistic yet dramatic. It’s certainly not what you’d expect as a metal album cover, with the silhouette of a person holding an umbrella in the distance engulfed by a massive, colourful thunderstorm beneath the night sky and crescent moon. Fucking corny, yet extremely fitting to the theme, feel and title of the album: “Petrichor”, which sounds real brutal, but in fact it’s the pleasant, very earthy scent when the first rain falls on parched earth.


Like dust eager to settle with the anticipation of rain, the first notes, bass tones and beats of “Earth Mother” are refreshing and revitalizing, and within 35 seconds, Euphoria! This is quickly contrasted by the disturbing lyrical content. Welcome to the torment that is Mother Nature Vs Human Nature!


There is nothing worse than a great band with mediocre to crappy, unbearable vocals, spoiling everything for everyone… thankfully there are plenty bands around with good to great vocals… this here project, this dude, this fucking guy however is conjuring up a disaster of beauty, with his growl vocals! There is so much depth and versatility, from the very low, gorgeous tones (and they are very gorgeous tones) to the smothering pitches, with diction clear as the night sky, all this without any clean singing, such bliss! The rhythm and raw emotion in every word, brutal or beautiful… fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! …Ok, back to uhmm business! It certainly doesn’t seem like a matter of over producing with countless layers either, it comes across as simplistic, dramatic and pure. In fact the entire album’s production is well balanced and crisp.


Fuck man, everything in this album is simplistic yet dramatic. Think of the “Jaws” theme: two notes… it’s a mere two notes which makes your heart race, palms sweat and keeps you at the edge of your seat… two notes… no, the album does not consist of two notes, the point here, is that it is extremely melodic without being over technical, it is dramatic in the way all the instruments and sounds form part of, and build up the various elements.  


Together with the gorgeous deep growl vocals, you have a genius combo of synthesisers with the smouldering yet powerful guitars. It is so tastefully done, that even if you despise anything synth, especially the 90’s techno kind (no dubstep here), you’ll find yourself enjoying this, whilst checking over your shoulders for disapproving elitists, especially if you are one yourself… betraying your own kind. And you don’t give a fuck because it’s fucking *lekker! It adds a simple hint of colour and a hook to the heavy, down toned riffs, melodies and gripping drums.


The album is a hurricane of emotions, from the uproar of mother nature to the destruction caused by man. Its heavy, angry and hard hitting, when suddenly the eye of the storm appears with a beautiful ballad “Fearless Love” …and you are left pining yet hopeful. The low pressures can’t escape the high pressures and it quickly turns gailforce winds into an exciting thunderous disaster again, as evil takes over in its many forms, heavier, darker and more powerful than before!


So many underlying themes trickle together as you are thrown from one extreme force to the next, in between epic lightning flashes with melodies and lyrics taking you from dusk till dawn. The album ends with a wretched ballad, that slowly dissipates into the distance… and you find yourself sitting in awe for a while, as the silence sets in… … … …trying to grasp what you had just experienced, trying to take it all in, like one would, admiring nature. Combining so much raw beauty with pure evil is unfathomable, yet here it is and it’s fucking breathtaking \m/


By Heidi de Villiers


Artist: Dead Man Risen

Album: Petrichor

Written by: Dead Man Risen

Released: 14 August 2018

Artwork: Alastair Tilley

Recorded, mixed, mastered & produced: Shaun Mitchell aka Dead Man Risen

Country: South Africa



  1. Earth Mother

  2. Doomsday

  3. When Ignorance Reigns

  4. Fearless Love

  5. The Prince of Tribulation

  6. Possession

  7. A Murderer Amongst Us

  8. Petrichor (Lyrics by Tricia Mitchell)

  9. Forsaken Beauty



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*hard to translate this word directly, as it can range from nice to marvellous and everything enjoyable in between (PS. welcome foreigner, may you indulge in more South African Metal)

By Heidi de Villiers

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