1 October 2016

Saturday 10 September, saw a very bitter sweet event, held at Wolmer Bush Lounge.

D-DAY was the farewell party gig, for the Afrikaans Swaar Metaal Groep, Kadawer Dialoog. Their guitarist, one of their founding members, known in the scene as Kriss Kadawer, is heading way underneath down under, next week.


Having sadly missed the first few bands, I arrived just in time as Lesuth were conjuring their fans, into oblivion. Nothing escapes their dark symphonic grasp and those vicious grunts. Insanity Unveiled showed us once again, why old school is insanely cool. There sound was impeccable and so damn raw! Speaking of sound, Wolmer is boasting a new impressive PA system... and they even have misters now, keeping us cool on those hot days.


Viking Beards' Paul, had a few words to share, jokes to crack and an impressive prize to give away. Rampage Malan won the massive hamper, that was up for grabs! Congrats dude! The giving didn't stop there as the bearded men and tattooed folk of the night, received random complimentary products and stickers, either from the bands or Paul himself. Spoilt fuckers!


The entertainment really got moved up a notch, as Mike from Envious Despair gave us an out of the ordinary performance, the reasons... only we fans will know ;) so make sure not to miss a gig ...ever! These guys just never disappoint with there hard hitting, in your face sets.

PSordid came on stage with extra excitement and well deserved pride, as they just released their album Bekhor, two days prior. With almost endless ways of getting their album, you have no excuse, not to listen and headband to it, full volume in your car and home. They once again killed it on stage!


Kadawer Dialoog's set felt so very, very short, though it wasn’t... Guess I didn’t want them to stop, as it was nearing their end :( They gave a stellar and unforgettable performance! They were all over the place and in each others faces too... perhaps their way of saying goodbye to each other? For a few moments the fans had no effect and they were engulfed in their creation with each other... coming to an end! Thankfully we can still look forward to their album. Fok ouens, die scene gaanie dieselfde wees, sonder julle nie. Ons gaan jul woes baie mis \m/


I was so happy to learn that Riddlebreak had found a replacement for their guest violinist, whom moved to the UK some time ago. Laura was absolutely phenomenal! As always Riddlebreak, breaks backs and necks and exude copious amounts of energy, right into space! Their set was dedicated to the late, loved by all, superhero metalhead, Jason. He was our hero in many ways, from bear huggs, protecting us to driving hundreds of km's to gigs, with friends and so much more. We all miss you bro. RIP Jason xoxox

The trippy mystery, that is HOKUM, transported us into that unknown, lost dimension. Blending atmospheric, rough, heavy, mixed emotional sounds, from two keyboards, guitar, drums and vocals, full of extreme textures.


The brutal, grinding experts, graced the Wolmer stage, with their most epic set to date! Displeased Disfigurement ripped the stage, mosh pit and Wolmer a few new dark, sweaty and hairy ones. I'm not sure if it was as a result of the most brutal drummer in SA, Ondier, playing his first gig with them... or if it was the fact the bass guitar, that usually puts up with the most vicious assault and abuse from Dominic, escaped his firm grasp, as the strap faltered. Perhaps both? This didn’t even make a glitch in their performance. Dominic was all over the stage, mic in hand, something you never see. When it comes to improv, this was pretty pleasing, as the next thing, a pig from outer space, in human disguise, known to us as Heine, jumped on stage, picked up the bass, that layed deserted on stage and serenaded it back to life. That much could not be said for the fans crawling out of the massacred mosh pit.


Mr G... aka Kriss, dude! Fuck man! Jyt die mees destructive en n moerse fun gig gereel! Baie dankie! Ons almal gaan jou fokken baie mis! We wish you all the best, happiness and great success in New Zealand and know you will find a brutal, sheep fucking... shit I mean, scene fucking band and hope to see you make it big out there! Moet net nie van ons fokken vergeet nie! Love you dude! Cheers motherfucker \m/

by Heidi de Villiers

By Heidi de Villiers

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