27 July 2018

If you’re into any of the following, you gotta check this out:

1. The narrow-mindedness; self-destructive and destructive nature - and mutual hatred of humans (what a combo!)

2. Dark and horrific subject matters.

3. A good fucking groooooove, intense rhythms and haunting yet very catchy melodies.


Chaos Doctrine has quite the brutal background, boasting with a collective 12, mostly historic, SA bands, between the 5 members:

-Beast of Eden



-Hate Speech





-Stone the Free


-The Warinsane



With these deep metal roots in place, they cook from tasty influences, ranging from thrash, heavy, industrial and death. They mix legendary ingredients and great spices with new age recipes, giving the listener, young and dare I say old, a mouth-watering experience!


The cover is a dark and intriguing collage. Michelangelo’s sculpture: “Moses” captures your eye instantly, with the contrasting transmission towers and what seems to be an abandoned industrial building, in the background. Intricate details are revealed throughout the cover if you look closely; symbols, logos, various textures and unidentifiable bits... most profound though are the scattered hung bodies. It’s like clues and it creates curiosity, that coincide well with the album’s theme.


Always hungry for new music, the excitement sets in as the intro starts… a famished mind will grow impatient with the almost 3-minute-long intro, contemplating autosarcophagy (yes, go google that), to ease the hunger. The creepy and disturbing sounds and samplers used, especially delight an imaginative and graphic mind. If you’re a gamer or lover of horrors, this will intrigue you (you might even recognise some throughout the journey). The numerous intro’s and outros found in and between the tracks, make you feel like you are part of a game or movie scene, which is sadly a dark reality... It’s only once “Dia De Los Muertos” kicks in that you grasp the ideals behind the very lengthy intro… it has prepared you mentally for the chaos and indoctrination ahead.


The vocal harmonies and layering between lead and back up are executed skillfully and unlike most aggressive metal genres, the gritty vocals have decent diction, but it's the intensely rhythmic delivery that stands out and grips you unexpectedly. It’s reminiscent of the style and rhythmic techniques used by the likes of Hitler and even a *NG Kerk Dominee, to preach and exhort people and it’s fucking marvellous!


Each track has a life and decay of its own; some more death, some more heavy and some more industrial than the other. The pulse, groove and message however, is constant, aggressive and fucking powerful. You are being brainwashed, yet the damn music is doing the same! The kind that is mind opening rather than narrowing, as it leads you into the depths of darkness. The various melodies are captivating and equally haunting, from the guitar riffs and great solos to the synthesizers and samplers, that’ll freak and creep your mind out. That, together with the lyrical content and that evil fucking laughter is enough to send some to a mental-asylum!


Add to this already genocidal combo, the organized chaos of the drums! MOTHERFUCK! A warning to the air drummers out there: don’t try this at home (or do?) It’s challenging to keep up with the speed and power. The tempo changes and versatility are mind numbing and inhumane!


The balance between the vocals, various instruments and samplers is remarkable and as if the band set up in your lounge or the backseat of your car, pretty impressive production considering the mix of analogue and digital, instruments and sounds.


This 8-track work of dark art is absolutely genius and torturous! It’s a horrific journey, you’ll enjoy headbanging and moshing too and crave wherever you might find yourself: be it the car, home, work, bath and even the fucking morgue! The only downfall is that of length. Disappointment sets in instantly when the last track fades and you can’t help but play it again and again. The talent, versatility and experience of these blokes shine through, in just about every aspect. This is a debut of metal masters, with a strong theme, which makes a lasting impact, haunting the mind... long after the music has ceased \m/


By Heidi de Villiers

Artist: Chaos Doctrine

Album: Chaos Doctrine (Debut)

Written by: Chaos Doctrine

Released: 27 July 2018

Artwork: Phil Carstens

Recorded at: Subhuman Studios

Mixed by: JP de Stefani at B-Sharp Studios

Produced by: Jocke Skog

Country: South Africa



1. Intro

2. Día De Los Muertos

3. FTG

4. My Demise

5. Helix

6. Incubator

7. Cult

8. The Genocide Number

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Catch them live for their album launch here:

Emalyth’s Big Day Out Vol II

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*Dutch Reformed Church Pastor (PS. welcome foreigner, may you indulge in more South African Metal \m/)

By Heidi de Villiers

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