29 September 2017

If you enjoy at least one of the following, you owe it to yourself to check this out!

  1. Crime and/or serial killer series, doco's and/or movies/books

  2. Horrors

  3. At the very least, a good fucking groove!

Looking at the rather simplistic cover, you already get a sense that this is going to be a bloody affair... what you don't know is the following:


This is one of those EP's, that you end up having on repeat... until your ears bleed. Why the fuck does it only consist of 4 damned songs? You end up craving a 12-track album, but nooooo, fuck you motherfuckers, 4 tracks will just have to do! ...Fucksakes and fuck you for that!


“Death Conquers Life” is torturous! Try listening to this EP at low volume... it's fucking impossible! That first riff kicks in and the volume must and will go up! Maybe at first just to a medium output, but that mistake also only lasts like a split second... well, fuck the neighbours too then!


Fucking is not possible whilst this is on... even trying to fuck yourself becomes dangerous, as you just want to headbang, mosh and completely lose your shit! A ripped-up vagina or ripped off cock in hand, is not worth the trouble, but don’t despair, the number of sonic climaxes will make up for it! Also, don’t bother doing household are going rip up all your clothing items instead of washing them. You are also going to smash whatever is in the kitchen sink or in your reach, for that matter. What you really need, is one of those padded rooms they have at psych wards, sadly none of us have those (or do we?) I must admit though, that working in the garden, pulling out weeds, is bliss with this EP on! So yeah, unless its destructive productivity, chores are not recommended, not even cooking, unless a food fight with blood and guts is what you had in mind?! Strangely enough, when you are driving, especially in traffic, whilst listening to this... your focus is not on that of destruction or even anger (which will cause even more chaos), but rather in embracing the musical genius!


So, what does the list above have to do with all this torment? I would love to say it’s simple... but it’s not. The graphic lyrics, are a massacred combo of the hatred for mankind, horrid controversial undertones and psycho serial killer type activities, with the hunger for torture, punishment and ultimately death! The vocals are married beautifully between the low guttural growls and haunting screams. I do find that they should have been a smidgen louder at times, compared to the rest of the instruments, you know, just a blood smear against the wall, louder.


The songs are powerful and short, which adds to their addictive nature. This is where the enjoyment of that good fucking groove, comes in. The music takes you back to the roots of death metal with its euphoric grooves. You find yourself in a moment of awe and just when you start to take it in, the music violates you: from the fast paced tempo, obliterating your body, then riffs combined with an overdose of textures and tones, something very rare when it comes to extreme forms of metal. But wait there's more! Not only is the music technically ferocious, it’s melodic too! This is like having a cocktail of metal merriment and to top it off, it's decorated with brief solo's that rip your soul apart! The production captures these delicate and extreme differences with such intent! Wow!


I fucking hate The Fallen Prophets! These bloody motherfucks are in Cape Town and I'm in Jo'burg! I hate Cape Tonians for that matter too! You lucky fucks get to see these guys live! I can only but imagine, as I lose my shit and go crazy to this EP at home, how incredible it would be, to experience them live! To headbang and mosh and even do a *Lord Boo! Hopefully one day, that will become a reality!


If you have the acquired taste for death and extreme metal genres, this EP is a must for your collection. It is not recommended for the rock/alternative only lover or the metal noob, as it will crush your existence! Nothing 1 song a day can’t cure though \m/


*Lord Boo is a beloved metal fan, in the community, who somehow, almost always injures himself whilst headbanging and moshing at gigs \m/


By Heidi de Villiers


EP released 7 July 2017

Music production by Worlds End Studios

Artwork by Kirsten Ryklief Design

By Heidi de Villiers

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