Όμορφος Σκοτάδι ~ Beautiful Darkness

10 July 2016

There is darkness in light and light in darkness... this doesn’t necessarily translate to good and evil, or if you must, from a religious perspective, God and Satan... and perhaps in some cases it does. There certainly is evil in light and good in dark too ...and this is not a fucking mythology, philosophy or theology write up... It's a music event review.


This, July the 1st was a beautiful night of black metal, thanks to Witchdoctor Productions. Lesuth started the ritual. It was great seeing them on that stage and with that impeccable sound quality, which makes Bassline the thunderous venue it is. They sounded the best we had ever heard them. Their music lurkes deep within your being, there where no one is welcome, then violates it and takes what it needs... and you accept it happily. What follows is pure ecstasy, multiplied by those perfectly timed vocal grunts (I'm addicted to those) and that symphonic perfection!


With our violated beings we were ready for the next procession of the ritual, the sacrifice. Demogoroth Satanum waisted no time, as their brutality hit hard. These extreme mother fuckers from Soweto always put on a ruthless show. Their music violently assaults you with its monochromtic chaos. Savagely sacrificing our bodies to the moshpit!


This ritual is about to climax with the pulchritudinous Rotting Christ. Ok, yes... a name like that does conjure some extreme and shocking thoughts... whether you are religious or not. It certainly is blasphemous to the Christian religion, there's no doubt about that. Now where the controversy comes in, like it does with all religious subject matter, is that they generally expose what’s wrong with this world, especially when it comes to the contradiction that is found in religion. It exploits it and there is, sorry to say, nothing evil about that! Blasphemous yes, evil... not in the least, well that’s my personal opinion anyway. (ok you may now quickly go google the word pulchritudinous, if you have not done so already)


For a moment or ok... all through the show, these Greek anti gods took my breath away... Holy fuck, they are gorgeous! With their God damned music, they took us on a beautiful journey of pure darkness. The enticing melodies, allured us all into euphoria! I wish I could somehow say it was a demonic, brutal, massacre, to those who have no idea what their music is about or sounds like... it was divine! They danced with our souls, they freed our minds, they invigorated our spirits.


Their on stage performance is so humbling, as they acknowledged each and every fan, headbanging together and getting the brave into the mosh and circle pits. Their music is astonishingly beautiful and powerful with tranquil notes, deep growls, uplifting beats and exquisite riffs. It was dark, beautiful, intimate and absolutely gratifying and all of us, left our demons behind \m/

By Heidi de Villiers

By Heidi de Villiers

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