24 MAY 2016

On 29 April, The Rabbit Hole in Durbanville Cape Town, hosted the 3rd of the Battle heats.


The bands involved in the clash were:

A Price On The King's Head

Zombies ate my girlfriend


The Alpha Sequence

The Fallen Prophets


Zombies ate my girlfriend, took the 2nd Cape Town heat.


This is what the metal band had to say:


What is your take on the show you were specifically apart of?

We had a really good time. It was our first time playing The Rabbit Hole, so it was good to finally touch base with all the Durbanville infected. The general vibe among all the bands was really relaxed, most of us having already gigged with each other and such. A packed house and over the top brutal line up made for a damn good Friday night.


Besides yourselves, who were you rooting for, to go through in your heat?

We have a soft spot for the APOKTH ( A Price on the Kings Head) guys. We're very much fans of the band's vibe and music, the lads are ridiculously tight as well. Still I would not want to be in the judges shoes. There was no amateur fuckery that one might assume from a "battle of the bands".


Were you guys nervous before your set and why/why not?

I think we were more nervous after the set. To be honest we were really excited to get playing. It seemed to me that quite a few people might have been of the impression that we might assume the battle "in the bag", and don't get me wrong. We really appreciate the tremendous support and faith our friends and fans have in the Zom. But make no mistake we were nervous as hell before that announcement. The thing is, it's a battle, it's a competition. There are no shit bands, it's not like if you don't win your band is rubbish. It's just the format, there can always only be one that proceeds to the next round. On the night anything can happen, you can never just assume you've got it, or anything really. If being a part of Zom has taught me anything it's that you have to be prepared to fight for it the whole way through.


How do feel your set in particular went down.

Seemed to go down a charm. I think the difference between now and when we first entered the very first Wacken Battle South Africa is the diversity in sound the band has now. With essentially two releases behind us we have a bag of sonic tricks we can call upon. I hate to use the word 'limited', but that's pretty much what it felt like when we entered the first battle. We only really had 4 songs from our EP at that stage, and the controversial cover that almost cost us our heat that time.


What was your first thought, when they announced your band as the winners going through to the finals?

I was standing behind Ferdi when they announced the winner. My reaction was completely innate, I just grabbed onto Ferdi hugging him all happy and shit. Don't think I even gave him a chance to turn around, just a parasite of euphoria at that point.


How do you guys feel about going through to the finals?

Really good. We're at the point now in Zom were traveling to Gauteng is becoming very much the norm. So to have another opportunity to get up there and jam with our peoples is in itself a great reward. That being said, we take the event for what it is. A battle, and we're going into this thing very focused on giving it our best shot. We want to win.


Of all the finalist, who are your favourites to win?

They don't pay me enough to answer that question.


If you guys should go on and win the battle, what would that mean for you?

I think for any band to experience this opportunity is monumental. I mean you have tons of massive bands to watch, interesting people to meet, networking and of course if you're up for it a crack at winning the whole thing which comes with its own very specific rewards. The sense of metal culture in an old scene like Europe is something I think all metalheads should be able to experience. It really makes sense once you're surrounded by so many damn metalheads.


Which of the following do you prefer?

Wein oder Bier?



Kartoffeln, Wurst oder Eisbein?



See you all at the Wacken Metal Battle South Africa, 28 May at Rumours

by Heidi de Villiers

By Heidi de Villiers

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