Thanks to Witchdoctor Productions the night had finally arrived – Aborted was back!
I was looking forward to some Witchfest 2015 flashbacks and to experience these crazy Belgians for the second time.


We were thrown into the depths of darkness as Spectral Realm got on the stage. Their dark, gloomy, spectral, metal genius gives you shivers down your spine – especially when frontman, Theo, stares right through your entire being.


August 31, 2015

I found myself heading back to my home town, the reason… METAL! I always find it awkward going back to the place I grew up in. So much has changed since I lived there and one can’t help feel a sense of betrayal, but there’s nothing metal can’t cure.


I was excited as I arrived and saw a good turnout. People were chilling outside, playing pool, band members mingling with fans – this is usually a sign that it’s going to be a killer!


We wrote about the first Verwoesting fundraiser a while ago. The second one took place at RAD. Here’s a visual recap of the evening


I couldn’t wait to get to this special fundraiser at Wolmer. It was the first of three Take a Stand gigs organised by Metalheads Against Xenophobia (M.A.X) in support of two beneficiaries, Gift of The Givers and Hope Farm.

Yeah, we metalheads are just awesome like that. The event started at 14:00 and I felt very sorry for myself missing the first couple of bands. Sometimes life gets in the way of a good time!

Friday (3 July) I attended a fundraiser at Schivas Rock Bar in Pretoria. Verwoesting – Genesis was hosted by our very own Afrikaans metal band Kadawer Dialoog in an effort to raise money to help them record their first album. Three local acts, Le Zoo Biscuits, My Columbine and Surdus supported the cause and joined the line-up.


When I arrived at Schivas I was sceptical. Not only was it my first time at this venue, as I walked in the size of the crowd was disappointing. This was for a good cause, what the fuck people?

We can all agree that there is something very special about witnessing a band live for the first time! We can also agree that discovering a  new band at a gig leaves you thinking: “Where the fuck have I been that I don’t know about this band?” To top it off, you’re made to feel like a real tit when your buddy says, “Dude, these guys have been around for centuries man, they are like old furniture at various venues and festivals.” Whatever! Point is, you went from not knowing to discovering awesomeness!


There is something I find extremely special and it tops that band you’ve waited 20 years to see or discovering a new band or finally seeing your favourite international act…This kind of thing only happens, fuck, 1 in a million perhaps. Now you’re wondering what the hell I am blabbing on about, get to the fucking point…I’ll get to it shortly!

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By Heidi de Villiers

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