13 November 2018

If you’re into the following, you gotta check this out!

  1. THHRRUUUUAAAASSHH Metal! (yeah, there's a reason for that pronunciation...)

  2. If you absolutely despise Humanity, along with today’s narrow-minded society!

  3. If you enjoy exciting, powerful, heavy, dark and catchy metal!


If you’re not from Somerset West and greater surrounds... chances are that you have yet to get to know this band's music!


The dominant black and red album cover grasps your attention with the artistic use of sepia brown, adding to the depth of the darkness, you are soon to experience. Framed on a dark background, with the unmistakable band logo, top left corner and the title “The Fractured Race” neatly placed at the bottom. The stormy, smokey sky draws your attention to the centre of the intricate artwork, which at first glance, looks like Baphomet, but is in fact a decaying priest. That in itself is a massive statement, contradiction, and Kontrast of note! Beneath and all around his throne, a sea of corpses and skeletons, with such detail that you can almost feel their immense suffering. In the background a cathedral which is engulfed in fiery smoke. Birds, perhaps ravens flying away in the distance, where the sky seems to have a few dark entities, along with the full blood moon... Smaller almost hidden details are found everywhere if you look closely at the artwork ...and the longer you look, the more you see...


Upon pressing play, no time is wasted, as the first riff grabs you and before you know it, the drums kick in and FUUUUUUUUCK... all that intensity under 10 seconds and you just know that this album is going to be fucking *lekker! “Head Collector” has certainly set the tone for the album... but this is just the mere beginning.


You have entered into a dark, heavy, thrash metal time warp. It is so damn exciting and unpredictable. From thrashy riffs, to melodeath ensembles and intense beats with gritty grooves. The title track “The Fractured Race” has such a poignant melodic intro, which completely throws you off guard as it literally creeps into your soul... then rips it to shreds with utter disgust as the music and lyrics progress... and the surprises don't end there...


Each song is filled with so many variegated musical elements, enhancing the various profound messages conveyed throughout the album, boredom is literally impossible! The groove of both “War Bound” and “The Unraveling” are so different yet so effective, the solo in “Illuminati” enlightens... and the list goes on and on! The gorgeous, very deep growl vocals, have distinct diction and hardly a word is lost in aggression, getting their message out with conviction! It’s direct and in your fucking face. The production is crisp and well balanced, making it a joy to listen to, no matter the device or audio system! It takes you on a journey of consciousness, incorporating history, mythology, organised religion, cults, society, governance and ultimately, the fucked up human race...

Together with the powerful album cover, title and the band’s name “Abaddon” (which is believed to be the name of the angel of death, -the abyss, the destroyer...) one would simply imagine the music to be extremely brutal in nature, yet it is fairly easy listening and certainly a must have 2018 thrash album, for the metal intermediate, upwards... This catchy, enjoyable and exciting album will go down well on repeat, whatever your mood! It'll get your feet tapping, those air-guitar moves going, hands drumming and your head banging in a mere instant!

Be warned though ...the longer you listen... the more it opens your mind \m/


By Heidi de Villiers

Artist: Abaddon

Album: The Fractured Race (Debut)

Written by: Abaddon

Released: 27 October 2018

Genre: Blackened Thrash Metal

Artwork: Jason Modryc from Sepulchural Visions

Recorded at: Pressure Cooker Studios

Mixed & Produced by: Andries Smit

Country: South Africa


1. Head Collector (Dullahan Rides)

2. End of Days

3. The Fractured Race

4. War Bound

5. The Unravelling

6. IndoctriNation

7. Illuminati

8. Lord of Pain

Get the album here:


*hard to translate this word directly, as it can range from nice to marvellous and everything enjoyable in between (PS. welcome foreigner, may you indulge in more South African Metal)

By Heidi de Villiers

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